Friday, 21 September 2018

The First Trimester - 9 - 13 Weeks Pregnant Baby #4

Again my symptoms stayed fairly regular during the second half of the first trimester and very similar to the first half.

9 Weeks
Bloating, tired, nausea at times and sore breasts. My nausea started to ease off a little, of course this freaked me out. 

10 Weeks
I was hit with bad nausea again after a little break during week 9. I was also sick twice this week which was worse than other weeks at 10 week exactly and 10+4. I was super tired still and just felt generally awful. I did have an early scan at this point which I will be doing a full post about very soon. 

11 Weeks
We announced. We were going to wait until our 12 week scan but as we'd already had a scan we decided to announce earlier. Again this week i suffered with nausea, i was emotional, I was still tired but not exhausted where i felt like i could barely move off the sofa. I was sick once at 11+4, that seemed to be a theme! I also think my belly popped a little this week.

12 Weeks
I finally felt baby move at 12+1! i was so excited and we also had our scan that day too. My placenta is anterior which I thought might be the case as i felt harleigh at 11 weeks. I had some good and bad days, i still had nausea and had to eat little and often. 

13 Weeks
More movements, I had a bad week for headaches this week and more nausea. My skin was still awful on my shoulders and back. 

My symptoms started to ease off again around 12 weeks which was nice. I managed to survive the first trimester without HG and was over the moon. I started drinking the odd cup of tea and eating bits of chocolate at 12 weeks too. I still can't eat ham in a sandwich on its own and I'm too scared to try garlic bread.

Nicola xx


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