Thursday, 4 October 2018

16 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #4

This week the baby is 11.6cm from crown to rump and weighs around 100g. The placenta is growing to keep up with babies growth. The neck and back bones are now stronger which hold the head more upright and the grasp is getting stronger so baby may be able to hold onto their own hands. The circulatory system is now full working and pumping 49 litres of blood around everyday. 

This week the nausea has continued a little and the heartburn has started. So far it's only on a night time and isn't too bad. My skin is still rubbish but my hair isn't getting as greasy which is nice. I'm having a hard time sleeping, waking often and having such vivid dreams again. I feel like my bump is really starting to show now but is still hidden sometimes depending what I wear. 

Nicola xx


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