Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Me and Mine - September

This month was a funny one. I feel like we haven't spent much family time together at all. Mark is currently working overtime at work, he's only had 2 days off since he started which is crazy. We are all feeling it. The kids miss him so much and so do I. 

I am so excited to spend some proper family time together but at the moment we aren't really sure when that will be. 

This picture was taken very last minute at the weekend, we decided we needed a little family treat and booked a meal out. We don't do it that often but it was lovely, we need to make it a more regular thing I think!

September saw Paige returning to school, she is loving year 2 so far. Parker also started reception. He is loving it and has settled in so well. When did he get so big?! 

Me and Harleigh are loving the routine that school brings, it also means our playgroup is back on so we are enjoying seeing friends more. 

I am excited for October. We get to see baby again and I can't wait but it also brings us a month closer to Harleigh turning 2 which i am so not ready for.

Nicola xx
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