Wednesday, 7 November 2018

20 Week Scan - Baby #4

On October 17th we had our 20 week scan. I was so excited to see the baby. Mark booked time off work and off we went with Harleigh. I went prepared with lots of snacks to keep her entertained but she didn't need them. She sat on Marks knee and stared at the screen and watched the wand gliding over my belly. 

At the very beginning of this pregnancy we were going to have a surprise. We've found out the gender with the previous three and this was going to be the one that we didn't find out, as this will be our last baby. But I am so impatient. Over the weeks I slowly realised that I needed to know. I needed to be able to imagine our family with another little girl or boy. I needed to limit the name choice to one gender. I needed to plan. We came to the decision that we would find out, if baby would let us, but that we wouldn't tell anyone else. 

The scan started off really well. Baby was all ok with a nice strong heartbeat. The lady did a quick scan over and showed us all the parts of the baby then went ahead and took the measurements. Baby was in a very awkward position and was curled up in a ball with their arms and legs over their head. This made it a little tricky for her to see the nose, lips and chin but we eventually got to see. Everything was measuring spot on, the stomach was a few days ahead at 20+3 and the head and legs were coming in at exactly 20 weeks, I was 19+6 on the day. 

We then got a picture taken, this was the best of a bad bunch because the baby was laid in such an awkward position she couldn't get a good profile shot. She then asked about the gender and if we wanted to know. I jumped in quickly and said yes, Mark decided he would stay and find out too. 

We do know the gender but won't be telling anyone else, even the kids don't know. I love that only me and Mark know and no one else does, but I do know that it does drive some people a little bonkers, knowing we know but aren't telling anyone. 

All will be revealed in March!

Nicola Xx


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