Friday, 16 November 2018

Before You Turn Two

I am very much in denial that tomorrow you turn two. It doesn't seem like enough time has passed for it to be true, even though I am pregnant again I still can't get my head around it. Surely you should still be the tiny newborn we brought home.

This past year has flown, I've only just got used to you turning one and here we are the night before you turn two. You are such a special little girl and we all love you so much. Paige and Parker still adore you, as do we. 

You have such a big personality for such a small little girl. You aren't talking very much but we understand you a lot and you manage to tell us what you want. 

You are very excited about the baby and love playing with your dolls and prams. I am so excited to see you as a big sister in a few months time. I know you will be amazing, you always are.

Mummy Xx


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