Saturday, 3 November 2018

Me and Mine - October 2018

Another month down, aren't they going so quickly?! We are already in November and that is so crazy to me. I don't know where the days go.

This month we've spent a lot more time together which is nice, although we have had our fair share of illness this month which is to be expected at this time of year I guess.

November is a big month, Harleigh turns two in two weeks. I swear she was just born. She still feels quite little as she doesn't really talk much but she gets her point across no problem. We've also had half term which was nice. It's nice to not have to rush around in the morning. We've had loads of birthday parties and we are almost finished decorating the living room, I am so excited for it to be finished! We also had our 20 week scan and everything looks perfect.

Nicola xx

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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  1. Oh wow! It definitely does seem like Harleigh was just born - I can't believe she's nearly two and you'll have another one soon! #MeandMine


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