Thursday, 17 January 2019

Siblings - January 2019

The first sibling post of 2019 and one of the last ones as a three. Baby is due at the beginning of March so we will only have next months post to go and then March should include baby! I am so excited to see them altogether and we actually got a little peek at how that might look.

I love this little picture so much. I love that Harleigh is hiding and Paige is laughing at her. I also love that Parker is smiling at the picture of the baby. 

This past month we've had the school holidays, which was lovely and went by so quickly. That also included Christmas. Mark had some time off and the kids loved spending some extra time with him and each other!

We also went on some lovely family walks and just enjoyed time together and tried to soak up the time as a five.

Nicola xx
The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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