Monday, 25 February 2019

37 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #4

This week baby is around 6.3lbs and 48.6cm long. Baby is working on facial muscles an practising pouts, frowns and grimaces. Toenails should now reach the end of toes. The digestive system is still developing. 

I'm still not sleeping well so I'm more tired and having more braxton hicks, they are usually lasting on and off all day. My heartburn seems to step up for a few days and i find myself waking up in the night because of it. I'm also having it during the day which didn't happen as much before. 
I am more emotional this week and more hormonal, I am getting stressed out a lot more easily. I've also had more nausea this week, it seems to be quite bad in the mornings and around 5pm. My hips are also really sore as well as my legs and the pressure is quite bad too. Some days baby feels really low and others days not so much. 
I have no idea when baby will come but i am really hoping its at 38/39 weeks like Parker and Harleigh. 

Nicola xx

Thursday, 21 February 2019

36 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #4

Baby is around 5.7lbs and 47.5cm long. By the end of this week baby is considered full term. Baby is shedding the downy lanugo hair that covers the body and making their first poo. 

This week I've had more of the same. More braxton hicks, heartburn and trouble sleeping. I'm also quite thirsty this week. I'm still quite tired and nesting a lot too. My legs are quite swollen at the tops and my feet are sore by the end of the day.
I also had my 36 week midwife appointment to wards the end of this week. Everything is still really good. I am measuring 35 cm which is only 1cm more than last time but they aren't worried. Baby is also 3/5th engaged!!! I do feel and look like i've dropped so makes sense that baby is engaged. My next appointment is the end of February and the midwife said it will be hit or miss if I make it or not. I will be a day off 39 weeks by then and we could have a baby before that appointment comes around. I'm really hoping for next weekend, but baby will come when he/she is ready.

Nicola Xx

Monday, 18 February 2019

A Simple Black Cardigan - My Winter Staple

It may just be a simple black cardigan but for me this winter it is my most worn staple item of clothing, especially as I approach my due date. It can be so hard during pregnancy to feel yourself, look good and feel comfortable. Your body changes a lot in such a relatively short space of time. Things change, you gain weight and lets face it towards the end you ache everywhere and can be really sore and tired. You need to wear clothes that you feel good in and comfortable in which allow room for growth and change. Maternity clothes are great for that but not everything needs to maternity. I hated buying maternity clothes this pregnancy as it will be my last so I know I won't really get much wear out of them. 

A great cardigan was a most, I wanted one that wasn't maternity so I could wear it after giving birth too and it would last me for many winters to come. I have loved the waterfall cardigan from Fashion World and found it so easy to style together with my maternity clothes I already had to make some super cute and more importantly comfortable maternity outfits. The cardigan itself is really well made, lovely quality, super cosy and comfortable.

I love cardigans whether pregnant or not but found them super useful this winter. You do get quite hot during pregnancy so a jumper isn't always the most practical thing to wear, plus I didn't want to have to buy bigger jumpers or maternity ones! A cardigan is great to throw on and add an extra layer and will fit even after I lose the baby weight. 

I've lived in maternity jeans/maternity leggings, maternity tops and my black cardigan. Its a great outfit for everyday!

What is your must have winter staple, pregnant or not?

Nicola xx

*Disclaimer - The cardigan was gifted for the purpose of this post*

Friday, 15 February 2019

Siblings - February 2019

Another month is gone and next month we will have FOUR siblings. I am so excited to see them all together and next months post will be the one!

They are all so excited and can't wait for baby cuddles. We've had a good month. They are looking forward to half term and are getting a little tired from school. Harleigh still really misses Paige and Parker when they are at school and I know she will love having them home for a week. They really don't see that much of each other during term time.

I had to get a cute picture of them all before three turns into four. It surprisingly wasn't that hard with daddy's help and I'm hoping the same can be said when the baby arrives and I want a picture of all four. 

I also had to quickly jump in for some pictures. I love the pictures I have of my belly, Paige and Parker and adore these ones with Harleigh in too. It's still kind of crazy there will be four soon. 

I am so excited and can't wait but i know i will miss my bump.

Nicola xx

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

35 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #4

This week baby is weighing around 5.3lbs and is 46.2cm long. Apparently baby will gain 28g a day over the next few weeks until birth. The amniotic fluid around baby is naturally decreasing.

I'm starting to get tired now. Running around after three kids and being 35 weeks is rough at times. I'm finding the school runs are taking me longer and longer too. I'm also having trouble sleeping, not falling asleep but staying asleep and getting a decent amount is rough. I've had awful heartburn this week and more braxton hicks. I'm also nesting a lot more and trying to get everything cleaned and organised for baby. 

Nicola Xx

Friday, 8 February 2019

Harleigh - Two Years Old

I am very late with update as Harleigh turned two in November!

Harleigh seems to have come on so much since turning two. She is such a little girl now and seems so grown up. 

We have finally had some more words, bear, baba, buba (bubbles), idge (fridge), sausage, kiss, cuddle, yeah and nah (no). She tries to say words now which she never really did before. It's so lovely as people have also started commenting on her speech and how much she is improving.

She also has her 2 year molar coming in, like her others they took a good few weeks to come through fully though and I think oner might still only be three quarters of the way still. 

Her naps are very up and down, she still needs one but can take up to an hour to go down, I think this is partly because I was holding her to sleep and then transferring her to her cot but now my belly is so big I was finding it harder and harder to put her into her cot whilst she was sleeping. So she now has to go to sleep laid in her cot, I usually sit right by her but I am hoping that soon I will be able to lay her down awake and she will fall asleep without me in the room, ready for when the new baby comes along but it isn't looking too promising as I am now only 4-5 weeks from giving birth.

She is such a lovely little character. She is so cheeky and so funny. She is such a lovely little girl to be around. I can't wait to see her as a big sister. My best friend has just had a baby and Harleigh is so cute around her! 

She is slowly learning to count and her colours, I am trying to work on them with her. She also loves drawing and loves trying to draw faces. 

Nicola Xx

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Isabella Oliver Maternity Clothes Review

Maternity clothes are for me an essential part of pregnancy and my pregnancy wardrobe. I don't have tons of maternity clothes but a few pieces are key. Some people look great when they just go up sizes in regular clothes but for me I find that once I hit around 6/7 months pregnant you can't beat maternity clothes. They are super comfortable and really show off your bump. 

I was sent some lovely items from Isabella Oliver to try out and review and have loved using them. 

First up is the Blake Maternity Tee in White. This t shirt is to support maternity mental health with the charity Every Mother Counts, 50% of profits goes to the charity which is amazing. The t shirt itself is very well made and super comfortable. I sized down from my normal size as I felt the fit was a little better for me. It's great to pop on with some jeans and trainers for a easy going maternity look.

Next up is the Rosie Maternity Print Top, A lovely top with long sleeves and a cute black star print. Again I sized down in this top and love the fit. It works really well with bump and is super comfortable. I love the long sleeves for winter too!

Another item I have loved is the Maternity Treggings. These under the bump treggings are perfect for a paring with with the Rosie top. They are once again really well made and a lovely material. They are thicker than leggings which is lovely but more comfortable than jeans. I had to size up in these but they fit well once I did. The further along I get in my pregnancy the more annoying I find the under the bump fit but that is just personal preference, I do seem to prefer an over the bump fit in later stages of pregnancy. I think these will be great for after I give birth too!

I've loved these items and couldn't recommend Isabella Oliver enough. The quality of the items is amazing, the materials are lovely and really comfortable.

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - I was sent the above items for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

Monday, 4 February 2019

Me and Mine - January 2019

January usually drags for most people but this year it didn't for us. It actually went quite fast. We celebrated Marks birthday, friends birthdays and the birth of my best friends new baby. I also did lots of sorting out and baby preparation ready for our new arrival. 

I keep wondering when baby will make an appearance, will it be February or March? I'm due at the very beginning of March so a February baby is totally possible. 

These might be our last pictures as a five, depending when baby arrives. Simple ones in our bedroom. I always forget to get pictures when we go out places, does anyone else? I can't wait to take our first picture as a six. I am so excited to meet the final piece of our puzzle.

The kids were so excited to go back to school after the Christmas break but I am so looking forward to half term. I will be 38 weeks pregnant by then and I imagine very tired. Mark also has a few days off so i am very much looking forward to that too. The kids can't wait for the baby to come and get even more excited everyday!

Nicola Xx

Friday, 1 February 2019

34 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #4

This week baby is around 4.7lbs and 45cm long. Baby is really filling out now is starting to be able to regulate their own body temperature. They also know my voice. 

I've had more of the same symptoms this week. Heartburn, a little nausea, hiccups and lots of movements. I'm getting braxton hicks daily, sometimes they are regular for a couple of hours, sometimes it's just a few an hour. It's getting quite uncomfortable to sleep and I find that i'm not getting much deep sleep and I wake every 1-2 hours.  I'm also getting to that tiredness stage, i'm not sure if its because of the sleep issues or just general pregnancy tiredness. 

I had my 34 week midwife appointment this week and everything looks good. Im measuring almost a week behind, i was almost 35 weeks at my appointment and i'm measuring 34 weeks. Blood pressure, urine and everything else is perfect. Baby is still head down with their back to my right hand side. I was transferred over to the birth centre for my care now as i'm very low risk. This is in the hopes that when I do go into labour I was have a midwife that I already know and I'm more comfortable with. 

Nicola Xx
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