Monday, 4 February 2019

Me and Mine - January 2019

January usually drags for most people but this year it didn't for us. It actually went quite fast. We celebrated Marks birthday, friends birthdays and the birth of my best friends new baby. I also did lots of sorting out and baby preparation ready for our new arrival. 

I keep wondering when baby will make an appearance, will it be February or March? I'm due at the very beginning of March so a February baby is totally possible. 

These might be our last pictures as a five, depending when baby arrives. Simple ones in our bedroom. I always forget to get pictures when we go out places, does anyone else? I can't wait to take our first picture as a six. I am so excited to meet the final piece of our puzzle.

The kids were so excited to go back to school after the Christmas break but I am so looking forward to half term. I will be 38 weeks pregnant by then and I imagine very tired. Mark also has a few days off so i am very much looking forward to that too. The kids can't wait for the baby to come and get even more excited everyday!

Nicola Xx


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