Friday, 15 February 2019

Siblings - February 2019

Another month is gone and next month we will have FOUR siblings. I am so excited to see them all together and next months post will be the one!

They are all so excited and can't wait for baby cuddles. We've had a good month. They are looking forward to half term and are getting a little tired from school. Harleigh still really misses Paige and Parker when they are at school and I know she will love having them home for a week. They really don't see that much of each other during term time.

I had to get a cute picture of them all before three turns into four. It surprisingly wasn't that hard with daddy's help and I'm hoping the same can be said when the baby arrives and I want a picture of all four. 

I also had to quickly jump in for some pictures. I love the pictures I have of my belly, Paige and Parker and adore these ones with Harleigh in too. It's still kind of crazy there will be four soon. 

I am so excited and can't wait but i know i will miss my bump.

Nicola xx


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