Monday, 4 March 2019

38 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #4

This week baby is around 6.8lbs which is around 3.3kg. They are also around 49.8cm long. The lanugo hair which covered baby is mostly gone and baby can now make a firm grasp with their hands.

This week was pretty full on, I was almost certain that baby would make an early appearance like big brother did but they didn't. 
I decided to do a day by day account this week as i felt like so much was going on. At 38+1 I had reduced movements all afternoon so was asked to go for monitoring. It was all fine and they scheduled an ultrasound as they wanted to check my placenta. I also couldn't seem to get full in the evening, I ended up eating so much. At 38+2 I had pains on and off all day. They were super regular from 6-10:30pm, every 3-5 minutes lasting 40-50 seconds. I had a bath, walked, rested and nothing took them away. At 38+3/4 I felt really sick, tired and drained. At 38+4 I had my scan, everything was perfect and baby was measuring around 7lb 3/4oz. At 38+5 I was super grumpy, had backache, felt sick and pelvic pain. At 38+6 I had a midwife appointment, I felt so much pain and pressure all day, more pains lasting all day, I was extra tired and went to the toilet a lot. I was also really cold and had super cold feet. 

I am getting pretty fed up now but trying to enjoy the last few weeks. The midwife said baby could come at any point and it really is just a waiting game. She said to try all the old wives tales and we tried most of them this week but nothing helped. I guess baby just isn't quite ready to meet us yet.

Nicola Xx

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