Tuesday, 19 March 2019

39 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #4

This week baby is around 7.2lbs and 50.7cm long. The skin is becoming thicker and all the organs are now developed and ready to go. The lungs are producing more surfactant, the substance that will keep the tiny air sacs open when baby is born.

Same as last week and I've broken symptoms down by day. The day I turned 39 weeks I had a few braxton hicks, a sore upper back. I also lost more mucus plug and was waddle was very real! At 39+1 I lost more plug, had slight cramps and very sore legs. At 39+2 I felt quite rough, sick and dizzy. At 39+3 I had lower back ache and my body was clearing itself out. For the rest of the week things were pretty much the same and i was really sore, tired and kept losing more plug.

Nicola xx

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