Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Living Room Makeover

We moved into this house whilst I was pregnant with Parker. We never really decorated the front room as in all honestly we couldn't afford and couldn’t be bothered. It’s only a rented property so we didn’t really see the point in making huge changes that would ultimately benefit someone else if we moved out in a couple of years. We hated the carpet but didn't want to spend that extra money on one so we just gave the walls a lick of paint and made do with the horrible carpet. It was in lovely condition just not to our taste at all, think 80s flower carpet. 

I am currently pregnant again and I felt this huge need to re do the living room so we set about seeing what we wanted. It took a couple of months but we got there in the end and I am really impressed with how we've done. We wanted to wallpaper the walls, paint, get new carpet, a new sofa plus accessories. It was quite a big job and because I was pregnant I felt this huge urgency, even though my due date was months off I really wanted it done in time for harleighs birthday party when ideally our first aim was before the baby arrived. 

The first thing we did was paint the wood work, radiators and ceiling which i'll be honest I hated. It just takes far too long but it did make a huge difference. We then started on the wallpaper. I say we but Mark did most of it, I helped out where I could. He had never wallpapered before so I am very proud of him. We picked a feature paper for around the fireplace and then a nice grey for the other walls. We wanted something super neutral and I loved the idea of a grey and white theme.  

We ordered the new sofa and the next thing on the list was the carpet. It took us so long to pick one and we looked at so many carpets my brain started to hurt! We wanted a nice grey carpet that was very plain and wasn't too expensive. After getting some samples we found one we loved and once it came we got a friend to fit it for us.

We still haven't added all the final touches that I want, i'd love a new tv stand, a mirror and pictures of the kids for the wall but I am so happy with how the room has turned out so far. I’d love eventually to get new toy storage too, right now we have the Ikea Kallax unit and although it’s practical it doesn’t look very nice, this is what our tv is currently sat on too. 

It won’t be completely finished by my due date, which is next week but I still love it so much and I’m so excited once the baby comes to add the finishing touches. 


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