Monday, 27 May 2019

2 Month Update - Mum and Baby

It doesn't seem possible, these weeks are still flying by too quickly. I still feel great, in all honestly my weight is starting to get me to a little. I know it takes times but it just feels so slow. I have around 15lbs to go which is only a loss of 1lb in the last two weeks. Slow and steady hopefully wins the race! I've had to stop working out as I hurt my knee. 

I had my 8 week check at the doctors and everything is great. My stomach muscles have closed nicely and I just have a tiny gap now which is totally normal and not considered bad at all. I'm impressed that I managed to close the gap in 6-7 weeks. I am wearing some pre pregnancy jeans but they are still a little too tight on most days, I also still can't fit into some just for balance. I am avoiding dairy as I find they give me really horrible side effects so the doctor said that if i want to cut them out them thats fine. That also means i'm not eating chocolate, biscuits or cake anymore as my stomach just reacts so badly with them. 

Kingsley is doing great. he also had his 8 week check and his injections. He now weighs 13lb 9oz and is still on the 75th percentile for his weight and head, which is 40cm. He did ok with his injections, i kept on top of medicine and that controlled the fever he had. He basically slept a lot more than usual but if he wasn't sleeping then he was crying, poor boy. 

His sleep and routine is a lot more regular now. He usually feeds 6-7 times a day and will nap an hour after each feed. He is going to bed between 9-10pm and will usually wake once or twice during the night, he actually slept 7.5 hours a couple of nights! He can still be a little fussy around 4am.

He is giving us so many smiles and even some little giggles now, it is so sweet. He is also starting to dribble and has certainly found his hands!

He also had a little cold this month and was a bit stuffy, I guess that happens having three older siblings who bring germs home from school and playgroup. I liked using Snufflebabe to help clear his nose especially before a feed or bedtime. Its super handy I can order then with the food shop too!

Nicola xx


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