Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Baby Annabell Alexander and Baby Walker Review

Harleigh was recently sent a new doll to review. Having a new baby brother and an older brother and sister means that she loves babies. She has her own but it’s a tiny little doll we picked up with the food shop one day. 

Now she has Baby Annabell Alexander. He is Baby Annabell’s little brother. He is very lifelike and he even responds to touches, can cry real tears and loves his bottle. If you gently rock Alexander back and forth he slowly closes his eyes and falls asleep. He also snores which Harleigh finds hilarious. He will move his mouth and eyes as he sucks his bottle. He also has a dummy for if he gets upset, which Harleigh isn't too fond of. Alexander can now wet his nappy too!

Harleigh really loves him, she especially loves caring for him whilst I’m looking after Kingsley. She likes to copy whatever i am doing, so if im changing Kingsley she likes to try change Alexander. She is too a little young to properly understand and use all of his features, for example she isn't really patient to rock him to sleep but with time she will be able to play more and more. For now her favourite things to do are feed him his bottle and change his nappy, although she can't do it properly yet. She also regularly makes him join her for picnics and tucks him into bed for a nap. 

She was also sent the Baby Annabell Baby Walker. This is a remote controlled baby walker that moves forward, back, left and right. The control is super easy to use and a Baby Annabell or Alexander up to 43cm can fit in the seat. It also has some sound features too including a horn noise. 

Harleigh hasn’t enjoyed it as much as I thought she would but I’m hoping as she gets a little bigger that she will. It actually scared her a little at first. It is a lovely little toy though and so easy and fun to use! Paige thinks its so cute and will regularly use it with her Baby Annabell. It's such a cute idea for a toy having it as a remote control is really fab!

I think around 3 or 4 would be the perfect age to fully get all the features of Baby Alexander and the walker but for now Harleigh loves feeing him and playing with her big sister and her Baby Annabell. 

Nicola xx

*DISCLAIMER - We were sent the above items for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are our own*

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