Thursday, 22 August 2019

4 & 5 Month Update - Mum and Baby

I have just realised that I completely missed Kingsleys 4 month update. Time is just flying by so I’m combining his 4 and 5 month update! 

At 4 months he was obsessed with blowing raspberries. He learnt how to blow them really quite young and very quickly. He also rolled from his belly to his back at 15 weeks and sits very well with a little support. He is always grabbing his toys and putting our fingers in his mouth. 

At 5 months he rolled from his back to his belly. He’s still only done this twice and refuses to do it again! He is constantly rolling from his belly to his back though. He can sit really well without any support. He also found his feet and loves putting them in his mouth. I love it when babies do this. 

He can put his dummy in and out of his mouth and loves to grab and touch our faces. He is obsessed with food and constantly watches us eat. He started at 4 months trying to grab food from us if he was sitting on our lap. 

He also loves his reflection and gets so excited when he sees himself. He also responds to his name and will walk if you hold his hands. He’s so strong! 

He is on 6oz bottles and will have a 7oz bottle before bed. He eats once during the night too (4oz) and is usually up 2/3 times a night. 

As for me I’m pretty much back to normal and have for a while. I’m now under my pre pregnancy weight and still eating gluten and dairy free. I fit into all my old clothes too. I haven’t worked out for ages as I’m just too tired from waking up 2/3 times a night. I know it will get better, it always does. 

Nicola xx


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