Friday, 23 August 2019

LifeLab - Intolerance Test Review

If you read my mum and baby updates you will know that I’ve had issues from when Kingsley was around 6 weeks old and before I got pregnant too! I’m having a lot of issues with my stomach and loads of symptoms when I eat specific foods. I wanted to try get to the bottom of the issue so started looking into intolerance tests and I found LifeLabTesting and they offer a blood test which looks great. 

I have gone down the root of my GP and to be honest they weren't that helpful. They did blood tests before I was pregnant to look for celiac disease and as that came back ok they just left it as that and told me to keep a food diary to try work out what was causing the issues. I did this and slowly began to realise that dairy, gluten, sugar and soy were all to blame but wanted something a little more concrete. 

The blood test arrived and the instructions seemed very simple so I got prepared and also registered my test. You do this online on their website and it is super easy! Everything you need to complete the test is included in the box which is sent out very quickly after you purchase the kit. 

I cleaned and pricked my finger. I managed to get one drop of blood and then my blood dried up. I was trying everything to keep it flowing and it just wouldn’t work, there are so handy tips in the leaflet too! I decided to have another go as I need to fill up a tube. Mark came home from work and helped me. It is a lot easier when you have someone else to massage your hand and help! I really recommend having someone to help you. Within 5-10 minutes we had filled the tube up. 

Once finished I packed the tube and relevant information into the bag from the kit and posted it.  The results get emailed to you a few days after they receive the sample. You get a pdf which lists all the food they test for and your results towards those foods. They suggest that every food you have a high reaction to you stop eating and eliminate from your diet to see if you notice any improvement. 

Im always 100% honest with my reviews and I will say that I was disappointed with the results. My results came back that I only had four reactions. None were high reactions, I had one medium reaction to yogurt and three low reactions which were Goats milk cheese, cream cheese and mustard. In my normal diet I don't eat any of these foods and going dairy free I defiantly don't eat yogurt and cheese. LifeLab were great when I expressed my concerns and offered me a couple of different people to talk to so they could ease my mind but I just feel like i'm back at square one. I'm having so many symptoms on a daily basis and have no clue what is causing them. I'm going to carry on with avoiding foods that i've found cause symptoms and carry on as I am. Hopefully as time goes on I will get to know my body better and really figure out what is going on.

The test itself was good, I had no problems at all and would recommend it to others, I just wasn't quite prepared to have such disappointing results, I thought this really would be the key to my problems. 

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - The test was provided for free but all views are 100% honest and my own*

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